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Avo Amirian, CEO
The journey of a medium to large enterprise toward IT enablement is cumbersome, to say the least. Any enterprise today has to work through different stages of an IT project—be it implementing physical IT infrastructure, audio-visual technology, or collaboration solutions—by partnering with consultants, integrators, and support providers. The need of the hour is an expert partner who can help the enterprises avoid unnecessary process overhead, cost, and project delays. Founded in 1990, Pinnacle Communication Services takes a comprehensive approach to enabling companies with IT infrastructure. “We differentiate in the market by focusing on the longevity of our relationship with the enterprises and catering to their holistic needs so that they can focus on their core business rather than IT,” says Avo Amirian, CEO of Pinnacle. Companies from technology, entertainment, financial, legal, and many other industries leverage Pinnacle’s services to implement state-of-the-art and leading-edge technologies within budget and accelerated project deadline.

Pinnacle’s biggest value is accountability. The company has a team of certified design professionals, CAD specialists, Audio Video engineers, Physical Security, project management experts and a very large team of field installers who work in synergy to cater to the holistic needs of its clients. Such a strong team has obviated the need for a dedicated sales team for Pinnacle. “We have no sales department in our company; our deep and trusted client relationships fuel our growth through word of mouth and our clients’ loyalty,” says Amirian.

Over the years, Pinnacle has perfected its client engagement strategy. At the outset, Pinnacle learns clients’ business requirements and defines the business case before recommending a solution. The company empowers clients to plan for the future by factoring in the cost of ownership and maintenance of IT and collaboration infrastructure in the long run. They define the duration of ownership of the IT and collaboration infrastructure and take adequate measures to minimize its cost. Pinnacle ensures that IT infrastructure and collaboration changes, when required, can be done easily and cost-effectively to ensure maximum ROI. Its time-tested infrastructure design services ensure that changes can be made without any friction, which leads to additional cost benefits. Pinnacle also offers 24/7 support. Even if a particular client’s issue is beyond their area of concern, they still reach out to them to explore different ways to address the problem.

Our uniqueness is that we focus on the longevity of our relationship with clients—from technology, entertainment, financial, legal, and many other industries—and catering to their holistic needs so that they can focus on their core business rather than IT

Pinnacle partners with leading technology providers and manufacturers such as CommScope, Crestron, Openpath, CPI, Cisco, and many others to tap into their resources to come up with a state-of-the-art design. “Technologies change quickly, and it is crucial that we deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients to remain competitive,” says Joe Licursi, President of Pinnacle. For example, Pinnacle works with the management team and employees (at various levels) of Openpath, a pioneer in future-proofed mobile access control systems with an open, cloud-based architecture, to implement features that are unique to various Pinnacle’s clients. In one instance, one of its clients desired that their IT infrastructure project be completed in three months instead of the estimated six months. Pinnacle brought to bear its in-house expertise and partnerships with manufacturers to complete the project professionally, on time and within budget.

Pinnacle is willing to take its value proposition to the next level by offering clients a visual front-end where they can track all the details and the current status of their projects, from anywhere, anytime. It also aims to create a single point of contact for the holistic client needs for physical IT infrastructure, security, and audio-visual technologies through in-house employee training. The mission is to take value delivery to the next level by enhancing the experience of its services.

Pinnacle Communication Services-Pinnacle Audio Video

Glendale, CA

Avo Amirian, CEO and Joe Licursi, President

Pinnacle is driven by a core value- provide a suite of services that would ensure the reliability and performance of our clients’ mission critical information technology infrastructure while maximizing our clients return on investment. Pinnacle partners closely with the world's leading technology product developers and manufacturers to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ short and long-term business needs. Pinnacle focuses on keeping mission-critical information technology, cabling and security systems up and running, for businesses that rely on these systems to maintain a competitive advantage